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More Ores Tools Addon

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More Ores Tools V4.9 - Mod with a big update will add a lot of new ores, tools, armor and weapons to Minecraft. Download More Ores Tools Addon and you will be able to craft a lot of new weapons, armor and the rest of the added ores.

Installation guile:
- Download file Addon;
- Use minecraft
- Open the downloaded file to install;
- Activate the settings;
- Play with the new mod!

m_o_t-ui-custom.mcpack [34.65 Kb] (downloads: 27)
more_ores_tools_v4_9_update_b.mcpack [611.92 Kb] (downloads: 24)
more_ores_tools_v4_9_update_r.mcpack [1.03 Mb] (downloads: 25)

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More Ores Tools mod

Usurjrj Usurjrj 24 December 2022 14:02 Reply

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