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Expansive Fantasy Addon

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Expansive Fantasy Mod adds a lot of dragons to Minecraft Bedrock. You can tame them or grow them, so that later you can ride a dragon and fly it around the game world. Expansive Fantasy is a very popular expansion and players love it.

Installation guile:
- Download file Addon;
- Use minecraft
- Open the downloaded file to install;
- Activate the settings;
- Play with the new mod!

Expansive Fantasy(1.0.6)
expansive-fantasy1_0_6.mcaddon [5.06 Mb] (downloads: 1761)

expansive-fantasy_v2_0_0.mcaddon [1.78 Mb] (downloads: 3436)

Download Behavior Addon
expansive_fantasy_r2_0_0.mcpack [1.42 Mb] (downloads: 1408)

Download Resources Addon
expansive_fantasy_b2_0_0.mcpack [590.22 Kb] (downloads: 1355)

Comments (5)

{text} HI! I'm wondering how I tame the griffin and the Pegasus, I tried the golden carrot, golden apple, enchanted apple, and wheat. And I tried raw beef to tame the griffin. So please tell me this information and it weel be deeply appreciated!

Brooklynn Brooklynn 18 March 2023 10:00 Reply

Super mod, thank you very much for this mod!

Tt Tt 21 October 2023 11:59 Reply

To tame a griffin, you need to shoot it with an arrow of weakness and give it a rainbow circle, that is, the griffin's food. To tame a wyvern you need to put its egg on a special block, if that egg can be obtained if you defeat a wild wyvern, then when the wyvern is born, in order to tame it you need to feed it raw salmon, in order for the wyvern to grow you need to feed it raw cod to speed up the growth process.

Ответ Ответ 22 October 2023 11:15 Reply

Expansive Fantasy Addon

Danielgef Danielgef 25 June 2024 17:16 Reply

Expansive Fantasy Addon

JoannDange JoannDange 27 June 2024 12:02 Reply

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