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Expansive Fantasy Addon

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Expansive Fantasy Mod adds a lot of dragons to Minecraft Bedrock. You can tame them or grow them, so that later you can ride a dragon and fly it around the game world. Expansive Fantasy is a very popular expansion and players love it.

Installation guile:
- Download file Addon;
- Use minecraft
- Open the downloaded file to install;
- Activate the settings;
- Play with the new mod!

Expansive Fantasy(1.0.6)
expansive-fantasy1_0_6.mcaddon [5.06 Mb] (downloads: 426)

expansive-fantasy_v2_0_0.mcaddon [1.78 Mb] (downloads: 792)

Download Behavior Addon
expansive_fantasy_r2_0_0.mcpack [1.42 Mb] (downloads: 337)

Download Resources Addon
expansive_fantasy_b2_0_0.mcpack [590.22 Kb] (downloads: 341)

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